Healing Through Poetry


September 10th 2019 is a day Rick will never forget. He was sitting at an intersection on his motorcycle when a car hit him from behind, sending him flying. The accident left him with a range of serious injuries, in addition to what Rick refers to as ‘the three’: PTSD, anxiety and depression. Writing poetry has provided Rick the opportunity to process the emotional pain and tap into his resiliency and strength. Below are four poems he has written.

Recreate Me

The day started out like most of them do….

By night’s end…. You won’t be you…

It happened in flash….. in the blink of an eye…

I’m happy to have survived…. I didn’t die….

I look much the same….. except what’s inside…

The person I was just wants to hide….

I’ve battled these three & they’re days when I’ve won..

Then I have days….. where am I from….?

I adjust as I go hoping to find…….

Some sort of balance within my mind….

I wish to say bye…. to all three….

I look for the day when I recreate me….
RMB 09/29/20

This Demon

I look at this demon…. It lives within me….

He challenges my ability to clearly see….

I start most days with him at my door….

The struggle is real…. Not one I can ignore….

This constant battle questions who I am….

Some days it’s hard to just make a stand…

I always manage to carry on…

I may feel weak but I know I’m strong…

This demon takes life from your very soul….

But it’s my life & I’ll not do what I’m told….

RMB 11/25/20


This Isn’t a Dream

This is the 2nd of 3 you’ll see from me….

Another of which inhibits my ability to see…

How to describe this….. it haunts my soul……

Combined with the others it just wants to control….

You’ll see and hear what isn’t there…..

Believe what it says…. It doesn’t care….

You’ll sometimes battle with the way you react……

Then pray to God you’re able to retract…..

Get lost within yourself and just can’t find….

Pray every day that life would just rhyme…

You’ve no idea until this you’ve seen….

The nightmare of PTSD isn’t a dream….

RMB 11/26/20


Embrace This Demon

I can’t shake this thought & it scares me some…..

Memories buried with the lost & numb…..

Not a place I wish to live…..

Offer to someone or ever give….

Trapped in a world not knowing up from down…

Alone within the water & about to drown…..

Only depression knows how you feel…..

Moments in time it loves to steal…..

It takes without a second thought…..

Doesn’t care about being caught….

Embrace this demon & let it in….

Acknowledge its presence & you just may win…

RMB 11/27/20




***Currently Accepting New Clients for In Person or Virtual Appointments*** 

Chris has a Master of Arts degree in counselling psychology and is registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (RCC). As a therapist, his ultimate goal is to help clients enhance resiliency in their lives by engaging in a collaborative and strength-based approach. Prior to working in private practice, Chris' professional journey took him to community agency, school and government programs as he had the privilege to work with an eclectic group of clients.

His clinical focus includes: anxiety, trauma, neuroplastic pain, and depression. He incorporates several different modalities and strategies based on each client's unique situation and preferences, including: cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), existential psychology, eye movement desensitization & reprocessing (EMDR), pain reprocessing therapy (PRT) , positive psychology, and mindfulness.

Chris provides presentations to businesses, educators and other mental health professionals. Whether it's in a school or corporate setting, he customizes the learning experience to fit the need of the participants. Recognized for his creativity and humor he makes the presentations engaging and informative. He is currently offering 3 presentation topics: 'Wellness 101', 'Anxiety: Our Super Power!' and 'How to Use Pop Culture for Positive Change'.

Psychology aside Chris is the co-founder of the Original Ugly Christmas Sweater, an annual charity event in Vancouver that is credited with starting the 'Ugly Christmas Sweater' trend that has spanned the globe. His latest project has been to co-author a children's book called: The Ugly Christmas Sweater Rebellion. Chris is a member of the Rotary Club of Coquitlam and is active with the alumni association at his old high school, St. Thomas More Collegiate.

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